Mira: The heater doesn’t work

1998 model Daihatsu Mira Model: GF-L 700 S Engine Model: EF Mileage: 87,000 km

Heater does not work

In a leased vehicle, heater is hardly effective. What can be considered are clogging of the heater core, fixation of the heater valve, failure of the water pump, failure of the damper, and the like.

The water pump also has no abnormality and is not overheated, so it is excluded, and clogging of the heater core is also normal. Regarding the heater, this vehicle is a type that the heater temperature adjustment is performed by a damper rather than a heater valve. As shown in the photograph, the heater core is attached to the right side of the damper, and it is a type that adjusts the temperature of the heater by moving the damper.

When checking the operation of the damper, the movement of the wire damper is normal and smooth. In this case the heater should work. Once again checking, the shaft on the other side of the damper (not the wire attachment part) shaft was not moving. The reason why the heater does not work is that the shaft portion of the damper has broken inside. Because it was broken inside, it looked like it was moving as seen from the appearance. (Picture below)

Shaft part of the damper which broke inside (right side)

In replacing the broken damper, it was necessary to detach the air conditioning unit and the instrumental panel in consideration of the attachment and detachment of the heater case, but since this vehicle was not equipped with an airbag or ABS, in a relatively short time I got the job done.

As a result of disassembling the heater case, there was a single screw and two clips from the inside, and traces of drinks spilled on the damper part, and the possibility that there was a cause of this trouble in one of these I thought it might be expensive.

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