Auto mechanic comprehensive site

It is a site that provides all the information concerning car mechanic by former car mechanic. From used cars used 20 to 30 years ago to the current mainstream EV, mainly domestically produced cars and foreign cars, information on maintenance and repair thereof, concerning the work of automobile mechanics involved in it, former maintenance I would like to offer experiences and knowledge with my own viewpoint without mercy.


Also on this site, it is also a great purpose to play automobile and machinery and to play a reference book role for those who want to acquire knowledge of machines, electric / electronic, computers, etc. related to automobiles, including automobile mechanics from now on It is one.
Regarding the repair of automobiles, the structure of machinery and electronics and electricity, I am going to write it quite professionally. So, so that commentaries on technical terms and basic parts of automotive engineering can be understood easily by those who feel that the content of this site is a bit difficult. I would like to update the essential parts necessary for commentary on terms and car understanding from time to time.

In Japan The social role of the automobile and the separation of the car from the young generation are pointed out, but it is also for those who feel attractiveness to the car and I would be pleased if someone who is even interested in cars at this site will increase .

We will also post car failure cases, troubleshooting, various inspections and methods of vehicle inspection, etc. in order, but definite techniques, knowledge and experience values ​​are needed for maintenance of the car. A car is a tool that moves quickly with the lives of people. So when referring to this site, please be careful not to be serious mistakes or accidents so that you will work under your own responsibility at the same time. Please understand that this site and administrator can not assume any responsibility about the negligence caused by the information of this site. We recommend you to do careful work on getting support from a mechanic with an experienced value and a maintenance factory as much as possible.