Air cleaner maintenance

The automobile air cleaner is hard to appear serious trouble and it is difficult to manifest as a symptom on running even if the condition gets worse, but neglecting maintenance will surely have a bad influence inside the engine. However, it is worth checking and replacing the air cleaner by all means, as it is often very easy to inspect and replace except for some cars.

What is Air Cleaner

The air cleaner (air element) is in the middle of the intake and exhaust device of the car. It is like a filter that removes the dirt from the air taken into the engine. Without this, various foreign matters in the atmosphere will get mixed inside the engine. Even if foreign matter burns in the engine naturally, it will not be a problem if it is exhausted as exhaust together with the exhaust gas, but it will cause it to remain inside the engine and cause wearing of the internal parts as well as damage to the engine oil Etc., it will adversely affect the flow of intake air and the injection of fuel, which may cause engine performance degradation or worst case damage to the inside of the engine. Therefore, periodic maintenance is required.

Position of air cleaner

Air cleaners are mostly installed in a black box-shaped case made of resin in the intake system inside the engine room. There is a fuse box in the case of a black box made of the same resin, but in the case of the air cleaner case, since the duct of the intake system (path of intake air) is surely installed, if it can be confirmed in a relatively inexpensive position think. The intake system duct is mostly made of a thick rubber hose or resin black hype.

Check the air cleaner and change the filter

Most engines detect and control the amount of air after passing through the air cleaner, so there is no danger of engine tone modulation especially as long as the air cleaner does not get clogged. However, as the air cleaner becomes clogged, it is better to think that some load is applied to the engine.

There are wet type and dry type in the material of air cleaner, wet type is easier to remove dust in the air, but because it is soaked with liquid, it can not be cleaned and can not be reused. On the other hand, since the dry type is made of dry material, it can clean up clogged dust and reuse it. In general, both manufacturers generally recommend mileage of 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers and many manufacturers recommend replacement, but basically it is assumed that the inspection is continued regularly, and if it is dirty it will be replaced It will definitely lead to maintaining the performance of the engine. Also, considering the usage situation of the car and the driving environment (such as places with a lot of dust etc.), we recommend that you check and replace the cars that have a way of traveling that ensures that the air cleaner is dirty.

The right is a new article, the left is an air cleaner with a mileage of about 50,000 km

Various car air cleaners












Open the air cleaner cover

Since the cover of the air cleaner is mostly fixed with a plurality of hooks, confirm the position of the hook in advance.

If you push down the knob part or pull it up, the hook is unlocked










Because hooks are also in a difficult position to see, do not forget to release all hooks.


  • Let’s be careful when opening for the first time

Let’s open it slowly for the first time to open the air cleaner cover for that model. It is because when all the hooks are not disconnected, or wiring and sensors fixed to the cover get in the way and can not be opened smoothly. Please detach these wiring etc etc before checking the structure carefully. In some cases it may be necessary to remove the connected air duct etc, but if you work slowly and carefully, you should usually be disconnected in most cases.

Take out the air cleaner

It becomes an obstacle when removing the case. Wiring should be exchanged to an extent that there is no stickiness, or those that can be removed are removed.

It becomes an obstacle when removing the case. Wiring should be exchanged to an extent that there is no stickiness, or those that can be removed are removed.










When the cover is further widely opened, an air filter appears. If it can not be opened wide, inspect and exchange from the gap.

Check the condition of the air cleaner. The surface that touches the external air should be dirty, remove large dirt here. Also check the dirt on the back.










Check the dirty top and bottom of the air cleaner case and clean the interior.


  • Cleaning the filter with high pressure air

Whether wet or dry, the air cleaner can clean the filter with high pressure air in places where high pressure air can be used like a maintenance factory. Since high pressure air is used, the cleaning ability is high.

It is more difficult for amateurs to use these high pressure air with DIY, but if you can afford it you can also get a small compressor. It is not as strong as a compressor equipped with a maintenance factory, but recent compact compressors can be obtained at a relatively low price, and in addition to being able to use air tools that require high torque such as impact wrenches, Many products that operate with quite quiet noise are on the market. I think that it will be handy if you use it periodically with DIY or business trip repair.

For those who need a small compressor or the like, we recommend using a spray can that can inject high pressure air. Usually it is sold for cleaning of precision instruments such as computer equipment and cameras, but it is powerful enough to blow away the air cleaner’s dirt and clean it, even if it does not go up to high pressure air.

When cleaning the air cleaner by either method, it is the principle that the principle is to blow high pressure air in the opposite direction to the direction in which air normally cries. The important thing is to clean the air cleaner’s waste cleanly, so in some cases the usage of high pressure air will also change depending on how it gets dirty. As for what you want to say, devise yourself on the premise of the above-mentioned basic. about it.


Restore air cleaner (replace)

Install the air cleaner. Some of the front and back sides and the mounting direction are determined, so check and mount them.

If it does not fit in the correct position, there will be gaps in the surroundings, the cover will not fit, so check it properly.

I will cover the cover. Be careful not to pinch surrounding wiring etc


Attach the cover and the case firmly. Be careful that there is no gap between the cover and the case, wiring troubles, and forgetting to install sensors.



Sports air cleaner



The sports air cleaner reduces the resistance of the intake air amount more than it is genuine, it responds to the improvement of the response by accelerator operation and the power up. Although it can be exchanged in the same way as ordinary air cleaners, depending on the manufacturer of the tuning parts, there are also types that are replaced with different ones for each air cleaner case. Although it is not necessarily able to experience the effect, in the world of custom tuning it seems that many users who replace with sports air cleaners are also contributing to improving fuel economy and response of cars as one of improving fuel economy and response and dressing up is. Although the price is different from the genuine product, it is worth the test.

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