Throttle body valve maintenance

In a gasoline engine whose fuel injection state or combustion state is controlled by a computer, the throttle valve sometimes becomes dirty. In the case of electronically controlled throttle, the range that can be maintained is limited, but maintenance of the throttle body and valves is a necessary condition to keep the state of the engine at its best.

Inspection of throttle valve

The throttle valve adjusts the amount of air sucked into the engine by opening and closing according to the operation of the accelerator pedal. This will adjust the output of the engine. Conventionally, mechanical throttle valves that mechanically open and close the throttle valve with accelerator wires interlocking with the movement of the accelerator pedal were mainstream, but now it is common to detect the movement of the accelerator pedal with a sensor, There is an increasing number of electronically controlled throttle valves that open and close valves with small electric motors by judging the appropriate throttle valve opening degree.

In the case of mechanical control with electronically controlled throttle valve, it is good to check whether throttle valve operates smoothly with respect to operation of accelerator pedal. Also, there is a method of cleaning if the car is old and the throttle body and valve are dirty.

Check throttle valve movement

The throttle valve is contained in the throttle body. When stepping on or returning the accelerator pedal, the moving part functions as a link mechanism that conveys motion to the throttle valve.

Try pushing the link mechanism with your fingertips to see if it moves smoothly and whether the spring will work smoothly and work well when you release your finger.


Check the throttle valve

An air duct is often attached to the throttle body. Loosen the hose band screws to remove this air duct.

If you loosen the hose band, it is good to pull out the air duct little by little while rocking the air duct slowly to the left and right.

Operating the link mechanism opens and closes the valve, so check the inside of the throttle body for dirt and foreign matter.

The circular golden part in the throttle body is the throttle valve. Check for dirt and damage.

Cleaning the throttle valve

In the case of cars of some older age type, cleaning if throttle valves and body dirty are bad, you should do cleaning. In this case, we use a spray such as a commercially available injection cleaner or carburetor cleaner, but we recommend that you always follow the instructions for each product. It is a general usage, please work carefully while watching the condition of the engine by spraying the cleaner to the throttle valve and body, inhaling and washing while keeping the engine of the car hung.

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