Fukuoka Motor Show 2017

Fukuoka Motor Show 2017

I went to the Fukuoka Motor Show 2017 on 16th and 17th December 2017. It seemed to be a great success due to the full day full of the event day this year. Again, every manufacturer is focusing on the development of EV (Electric Vehicle) beyond the hybrid, further cutting down on the field of research and development of automatic driving technology incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) into that technology It seemed to be.
Fukuoka Mortor Show 2017

There were cars that had both “good-looking” and “speed / power” of conventional cars, but from now on, EV (electric vehicle) with automatic driving technology will further increase to the appeal of such a conventional car I felt that it would become the cutting edge of technology of automobile.

Based on IT technology · Internet, nearly 100% control the equipment for “running”, “turning” and “stopping” by computer (artificial intelligence) control, driving only the driver’s intention and driving It will be. As long as humans enter in the future, they do not need to do anything, but they will carry them to their destination without permission. I will not cause an accident and I only have to follow the movement of the car itself ….

I feel somewhat lonely when I think so. In modern times, the role of the car is to “enjoy driving”, “experience the speed and power”, “boast from the cool and boasting, customize to dress up” from entertainment such as “arrive at the destination in the shortest time” It seems that it is changing to one of the life tools as a vehicle such as “carry human beings safely.”


However, it still does not feel like cars are enjoying new ways of being born again in some way and continuing. For example, if you drive by computer, racing cars that can be operated like games (although it is not a game to play to the end) appearing in the racing cars, and so on, can create a new car race world, the characteristics of the new car Or customize parts as you like, evolve some computer software to manipulate it, and can program that software freely to make it. It might be fun to think about such things arbitrarily.


Since the history of automobiles has been evolving over time, as long as there are no people who likes cars in the world, I think it would be nice to form a new way of enjoying cars as a culture naturally It was.


Imported car manufacturer

Although it is a personal impression, there are many manufacturers that incorporate EV technology while maintaining the traditional goodness of the exterior design of the car. It seems like it is not usability of the Japanese that there seems to be extremes of whether the size of the car is extremely large or compact, but it seems that it seems like that, but I think that the sense of luxury uniquely designed still is not in Japan I will.







Alfa Romeo


Japanese manufacturer

The appearance is sharp in design, the roundness is derived, the characteristics of each manufacturer are derived from the design of a conventional Japanese car, but the interior of the car is made extensively widely compared to the old days Compared to overseas manufacturers, easy to ride, easy to drive. I felt that there are many designs that seem to be more compact but easy to use.

In rural areas, demand for mini vehicles is high now, I thought that compact cars using EV will become mainstream in the future.

Below, I will introduce exhibition vehicles of domestic makers who are particularly concerned.


Lexus LC

V type 8 cylinder 5L engine and 10 speed AT. We adopt Lexus’s own multi-stage hybrid system .



Subaru’s VIZIV series adopts the first sedan body. A body with a forward can and a powerfully overhanging fender with low center of gravity demonstrate unique personality. Powertrain is a familiar horizontally opposed engine + symmetrical AWD that Subaru has been matured for more than 50 years and further advanced driving support technology combining evolutionary eye sites and various devices It has installed.




It is a concept car “NISSAN IMx” embodied to realize the future “ Nissan intelligent mobility ” and a famous car “GT-R” of the past year. Will GT-R also be equipped with automatic driving technology in the future?




Honda Sports EV Concept ” expresses Honda’s corporate identity, sportsmind, in the EV world. In addition to the electric power unit, Honda’s AI technology “ Honda Automated Network Assistant ” is combined.

“NSX” seems to produce intense starting and acceleration feeling by combining high power 3.5L V6 DOHC twin turbo engine and 3 motors. In addition, we are realizing new driving with NSX’s proprietary mechanism “ SPORT HYBRID SH – AWD “.

recent years. It is Civic Type-R which began to be released in Japan. Among the sports type cars that were on display, I felt close to the user at the present time.


Efforts of Kyushu University

In the annex, there are automobile manufacturers that locate in Kyushu, automobile related companies in local Kyushu, exhibition booths of each university’s own car, and here again we were able to touch the latest technology. Among them, I would like to introduce / publish things that I personally interested in.


Kyushu Institute of Technology · KIT-formula

It is a formula car of the student formula team (KIT-formula) by students of Kyushu Institute of Technology. It is said that the objective is to acquire the foundation of automobile engineering through manufacturing by students’ hands, and to acquire the power that becomes the foundation of automobile design through mechanical engineering and electrical / electronic engineering accompanying it.


In addition, he has participated in the “All Japan Student Formula Competition” as a team, and he seems to learn various elements such as design power excellent in vehicle performance and cost performance at the event.

Kyushu Institute of Technology KIT-formula


Kurume Industrial University · PARTNER MOBILITY


It is like a wheelchair equipped with AI (artificial intelligence), but it is currently being researched and developed so that you can freely move with the intention of the wheelchair user himself without using a helper, That’s right.

Below are excerpts from the materials you distributed.

Kurume Institute of Technology has strengths in education and research of automotive engineering and has established the “Intelligent Mobility Laboratory” which has many experienced teachers who are experienced in automobile development at automobile manufacturers and is engaged in research and development .

This intelligent mobility research laboratory is equipped with “Computer Sience Institute” which specializes in interactive system technology, “ZENRIN DataCom” specialized in map route search technology, “WHILL” of stylish electric wheelchair manufacturer, advanced In collaboration with the Kurume-shi nursing care welfare service business association council etc. that has been doing it, we have been promoting the development of “interactive automatic driving partner mobility equipped with artificial intelligence branches”.

In August 2017 we completed the development of basic system (dialogue, car driving, danger avoidance by artificial intelligence), press release at Kurume City office, introduced in newspaper and TV, yahoo news, overseas WEB media.

I will enter the field trials across the country starting in Kurume-shi, Fukuoka prefecture. We will analyze the issues that have been demonstrated in the demonstration experiment, and will promote strengthening of the dialog function, the danger avoidance system, and the vehicle control function. We also aim to add health management functions of user 0 in cooperation with care welfare organizations.

We aim to create a sustainable new business that brings innovation to welfare services with automatic driving mobility that enables dialogue.

Major features

  • Automatic operation system for both indoor and outdoor
  • Propose a route in accordance with the user’s taste interactively
  • Risk avoidance system in which AI (Artificial Intelligence) judges obstacles while driving
  • It corresponds to various scenes such as art museum, theme park, shopping district, hospital, afflicted area, workplace
  • Health management system that grasps the user’s vital information (planned to be developed)
  • Automatic language processing system that reduces misjudgment of dialogue (under development)

Expected results

  • The number of times people with difficult movements go out increases and health promotion can be expected
  • It is possible to create employment with the operation of a new welfare model and to expect regional revitalization
  • Employment promotion can be expected for people who are difficult to move and can be a side to support from the side being supported

Kurume Institute of Technology Intelligent Mobility Laboratory


It is said that a negative image of “artificial intelligence deprives most of the work of modern human beings” has been said, but in order to assist the life of people with disabilities like this wheelchair The idea and viewpoint to effectively utilize artificial intelligence are very wonderful.

With the evolution of technology related to automobiles, artificial intelligence, automatic driving techniques and the like have gained attention in recent years, it has become increasingly popular for people who have healthy people to use convenient techniques such as those with disabilities, elderly people I think it would be nice to be able to use it for children as well. It would be nice to have an era in which wheelchairs and cars can be freely challenged by people with handicaps by excellent technology.

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