Toyota Corolla airbag warning light lit

1997 formula Toyota · Corolla model: AE-110 engine model: 5A-FE mileage: 72,000km

Air bag warning light ON

The warning light of the air bag lights up, so I’m worried about when it will work so I want you to come and see it.

“When the warning light of the air bag is lit up to the user, the car’s computer judges that there is something wrong with the system and stops the system, so the air bag will not suddenly come out.” Well, let’s have peace of mind.

Diagnosis diagnostic method

Diagnosis of the airbag diagnostic code at diagnostic equipment was the first to output “31”, so we deleted the code as far as possible.

This type of Toyota’s general erasing method is to bodily ground Tc and AB of the diagnosis terminal quickly and alternately 5 times after six seconds with the ignition switch set to ACC or ON.

However, after a few erases, the diagnostic warning light was lit again, and the diagnostic code also outputed “No. 31”. By resetting the warning light once and turning on the code again, it is judged whether the diagnostic code is accurate information or not.

From materials from manufacturers


From the manufacturer’s data, it was found that the code of “No. 31” was an internal failure of the center airbag sensor. The circuit diagram has only the center air bag sensor and the air bag body. From this fact, the center airbag sensor is regarded as also serving as a computer for controlling the airbag, and the center airbag assembly was replaced and the repair was completed.

Center Airbag Assy


Postscript: Diagnostic function of airbag

Here are the diagnostic functions of two airbags.

  • Primary check
    We will do diagnosis of center airbag sensor, airbag ignition judging circuit in center airbag sensor assembly. If there is a problem with these, “31” continues to light for 6 seconds or more when turning on the warning light after setting the ignition switch to ON or ACC.
  • Always check
    When the primary check fails normally (the warning light turns off in 6 seconds), the center airbag sensor Assy makes the airbag system ready for ignition again, and whether the system is normal is checked at all times It refers to the function to monitor.

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