1998 Honda Life: Symptoms that are mistaken for trouble

1998 formula Honda · Life model: GF-JB 1 engine model: E07Z 3 speed AT


I do not rush above a certain revolution by sky blowing

After inspecting the car after repairing the sheet metal, it means that it will not rush more than 4000 revolutions with emptiness at engine stop.

After reviewing it for now

  1. There is a 5-speed manual car of the same car in the factory, and it blows up to 7,700 races with empty spin when the vehicle stops
  2. No abnormality is seen in engine failure diagnosis
  3. After inspecting the stall rotation speed, it is within the specified range.

Based on the above inspection results, since the stall rotation speed is within the specified range, inspection of 3 is judged that there is no abnormality in the engine output and the automatic transmission.

Stall test
If you do not raise the engine speed more than the specified number of revolutions at the time of the test in each shift range (P, R, N, D, L, etc.) by the automatic transmission / CVT test method, automatic Transmission is operating normally. In the case of this car, it is ok if it does not rise more than 3000 to 4000 revolutions which are required for each range.

Stall test method

  1. Hang a side brake
  2. Set wheel clasp to the front side of the rear tire
    to start the engine
  3. Step on the brake all the way with the left foot
    Put in the D range (in each range)
  4. Open the accelerator fully.
    Note) Please fully open the accelerator in a short time. (I will quit at about 3 seconds)

What is worrisome here is the difference between the maximum speed of the engine racing in the 5-speed manual car and the 3-speed automatic car.

When checking about the fuel cut in the service manual, in order to protect the engine, at the time of traveling, both the 5-speed manual car and the 3-speed automatic car cut fuel at 7,700 rpm and when the vehicle is stopped, the 5-speed manual car is 7700 rpm, 3 speed automatic It turned out that the car cut fuel at 4000 rpm.

As a result of running test from the factory, it was confirmed that it rushed for more than 4000 revolutions at the time of running, so I explained that it is not abnormal that I do not raise more than 4000 revolutions at the time of stop, and I finished work.

In the case of this vehicle, since it is troublesome that it does not rise above 4000 rpm at the time of stoppage, it is better for you to be careful as it often comes to inspection.

Method of Engine Fault Diagnosis (Diagnosis · Code)

The ECU has a self-diagnosis function, and when an abnormality of the input / output system is detected, the PGM-FI warning light in the combination meter is turned on. In this state, if the SCS terminal of the 16-pin data link coupler under the passenger’s seat side dashboard is short-circuited, it is possible to inform the abnormal part by the number of blinks and estimate the failure part. When multiple abnormalities occur at the same time, blinks indicating failure diagnosis of them are sequentially repeated (when the number of blinks is 10 or more, long flashing is counted as 10 times.)

For the self-diagnosis function of O2 sensor, throttle position switch, 2 continuous failure detection method is adopted for preventing false detection. When an abnormality occurs, keep the memory in the ECU, turn on the PGI-FI warning light at the time when the same abnormality occurs again after the ignition switch OFF → ON, inform the driver of the abnormality.

How to proceed with fault diagnosis chart

When checking each fault diagnosis chart when the PGM – FI warning light is lit or when trouble during operation, etc., check the PGM – FI warning light, ECU reset, action after the troubleshooting chart finish, etc. below Start inspection according to the procedure.

When not using Honda PGM tester or external diagnostic machine
Designated exclusively for 16P data link coupler under the dashboard Commercially available tools (DLC terminal

Null box), short the No. 4 terminal and the No. 9 terminal of the DLC terminal box and press the switch. When the PGM – FI warning light starts flashing, check the number of blinks. The number of blinks is incremented

Return. The blinking length counts as long flashing once as 10 times and short flashing once as counting as flashing once. An external diagnostic machine can be connected to the DLC terminal box.

  • If you do not use the DLC terminal box, short the NO.4 of the data / coupler No. 9

ECU reset

This work can also be done with Honda PGM tester or external diagnostic machine by connecting Honda PGM tester or external diagnostic machine to data link coupler (16 pin).

  1. Turn OFF the ignition switch
  2. Remove the backup (7.5 A) fuse in the relay box for more than 10 seconds and reset the ECU’s memory.

Note) Remember the contents beforehand because the memory of the watch and the radio will also disappear when ECU reset is performed.


Treatment after completion of failure diagnosis

  • Remove the DLC terminal box from the data link coupler.
    • Note that if the scs terminal of the data link coupler is left shorted, the PGM – FI warning light will remain lit.
  • ECU reset
  • Set time of the clock, preset radio stations.
    • Since the PGM – FI warning light may be lit or blinking even when the coupler is defective, if you do not know the point of failure even if the inspection is performed according to the failure diagnosis chart, the coupler at the ECU and the coupler at the estimated failure site Check the connection status (clean and repair if necessary).
  • PGM-FI warning light Failure diagnosis table by number of blinks (Diagnosis code)


Fuel cut (fuel cut)

  • Fuel cut at deceleration
    When the throttle position switch signal is input after warming up the engine, the fuel is cut in the region where the engine speed exceeds 1150 rpm, and the fuel economy is improved.
  • Fuel cut at high rotation
    In order to protect the engine, fuel is cut in the area exceeding the engine speed in the table below.

  • Fast fuel cut at high speed
    The fuel is cut at a high speed region where the vehicle speed is 135 km / h or more and the engine speed exceeds 5,500 rpm.

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