HONDA Fit door mirror repair

Fit Door Mirror Repair

The electric retractable door mirror on the left side of the Honda Fit (GE6), which has run more than 200,000 kilometers in 10 years, cannot be retracted even if the switch in the driver’s seat is pressed, only the sound of the motor and the noise of the gear turning. came to do
From these symptoms, it was predicted that the cause of the failure was a malfunction in the gearbox in the electric retractable door mirror unit, and the mirror could not be retracted. If you search the internet, you can see the same symptoms in the same model car, and you can see many articles about repair records.

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vehicle specs

  • Honda Fit
  • Year: December 2009
  • Model: DBA-GE6
  • Engine type: L13A
  • Mileage: 230.000km

About replacement parts

The easiest way to replace parts is to arrange for a new or used door mirror unit assembly and replace it as it is. However, it costs money, and many second-hand products are not guaranteed to work. So, this time, I decided to replace the part (actuator) that integrates the motor, gearbox, and plate that move the door mirror unit called Turnset, which is built into the door mirror unit.
For reference, the stock number for this part is
  • Left side: 76254-TF0-E31
  • Right side: 76204-TF0-E31
You can get it with a monotaro.
It is better to check the suitability before ordering.

Removing the door mirrors

To remove the left door panel, remove the two screws, and after that it is only clipped, so use a tool such as a lining peeler to remove it from the outside and pry it off so as not to damage it.

Inner handle mounting screw


Remove the power window switch unit

After removing the door lining, remove the wiring coupler attached to the door mirror unit, pull out the wiring, remove the 3 nuts and 1 screw directly attaching the door mirror, and remove the door mirror unit.

Remove the wiring coupler from the door mirror unit.


Remove the clip holding the wiring to the door. (Bottom photo)


3 nuts and screws (Phillips screws)


After removing the door mirror unit

Turn Set Exchange


Remove the mirror by prying the two claws that connect the white plate (center of the photo) and the mirror from the gap at the bottom of the door mirror unit with a special tool for removing the inner lining.


Remove the base of the door mirror unit by loosening the three screws shown in the photo, remove the upper waterproof cover and pull out the wiring that passes through the base. When assembling, don’t forget to pass the wiring harness through this base.


Loosen the 4 screws to remove the white blade type unit and coupler for mirror angle adjustment attached to the turn unit, and remove the 2-pole coupler connected to the turn signal lamp unit that can be seen in the back of the photo.

Now you can take out the complete set of turn units and wiring. Subsequent work is as follows.
  1. Remove all wiring from the wiring coupler, and remove it from the black vinyl wiring coating.
  2. Replace the wiring with the new turn unit, and pass the turn signal unit wiring and mirror angle adjustment wiring through the hole that penetrates the turn unit and through the wiring covering tube.
  3. Pass the new turn unit through the base shown in the photo below, attach the rubber cover as shown in the photo, and tighten the three screws.
  4. Install the turn unit and the white plate for mirror angle adjustment. (At this time, be careful not to forget to attach the wiring coupler.)
  5. Reattach the wires to the coupler one by one. (It’s a good idea to take a picture first so you don’t make a mistake.)
  6. Check if you’ve done it properly, and if you do, say “I did it!”
As a general rule, the removal procedure should be reversed, so if you are not confident, we recommend taking pictures and recording each procedure first.
How to remove the wiring from the coupler

Backside photo of the coupler

After taking out the turn unit and wiring, you have to remove the coupler wiring one by one from the back side. This is because the new turnsets have two wires that need to be replaced with couplers.

You can remove it with your finger.


It has a front and a back.


Coupler wire dropout prevention lock

Be sure to take a picture of the back side of this coupler and record it. You will need it when you replace the wiring. You can use this photo as a reference, but you need to be careful because the color and number of wires may change depending on the grade of the same car.
Once the lock is removed, insert a special tool for removing the wires from the front side of the coupler (I think a pin for dressmaking would also work. It probably hurts if it gets stuck…), and then pull out the wires from the back side while inserting it into each terminal. However, there is a trick to it, and if you don’t use the right tool, it won’t come off easily.
If you can’t get it out, I think it’s better to break the coupler body. Because a new turnset only comes with a coupler, so all you have to do is use it.
Each person has a different way of breaking it, but in my case, I used a large and small flathead screwdriver and nippers to remove the terminals and wires one by one. In the end, I cut off two wires and the root of the terminal, but I fixed it by soldering.
The wiring was thin and the terminals were small, so soldering was difficult. For the time being, it worked well, so when I tried to set it in the coupler, the size was too tight to fit in, and even if it did fit in, it wouldn’t lock. This is probably the most difficult task in replacing the door mirror unit.

How to repair a turnset without replacing it

If there is no problem with the door mirror unit motor, there is a way to inspect the gearbox inside and replace the defective gear without replacing the turnset. In the case of this fit, the same gear seems to break in most cases, and when searching the net, it seems that only this gear is sold.
If you replace only the gear, you can keep the repair cost low, but it seems that the gear of the part is not a genuine product, so please do the repair at your own risk.
Below is a photo collection of “I disassembled the turnset gearbox”.

Remove the top lid. It takes guts to remove it by hand.


Replace the wiring and remove the board. Easy to remove by hand. You don’t need any other guts.


Loosen the two screws.


Pinch the motor and pull it up.


Inspect the inside of the gearbox.


If you follow the gear directly connected to the motor, you can see that the two gears are engaged.


I don’t know what’s wrong, so I’ll try to break it down a bit.


I understand the cause.


This gear is the culprit. It’s still broken…


It seems that the worm gear in front of him couldn’t turn because the central gear was cracked.


I’m going to put it back to the original after replacing the bad gear.


When installing the board, be sure to attach the terminals to the motor.


Finally, it is completed with a lid. When you actually replace only the gear, it may be a little difficult to do because there are wiring and so on.

Repair complete


Shimanami Kaido

That was the repair method for Honda Fit’s electric retractable door mirror unit. If the door mirror is broken or cannot be adjusted, it may not pass the vehicle inspection, but it seems that it does not mean that the vehicle inspection cannot be passed just because it cannot be retracted electrically. However, when stopping in a narrow parking lot, when passing an oncoming vehicle on a narrow road, or when you want to move for no reason and look cool, it seems that you can fully wield its power.
As a guideline for failure, when the power retractable door mirror switch in the driver’s seat is turned on/off, if there is a difference in the movement speed of the left and right door mirrors, the slower movement may be about to break down. It is good to take it for inspection before it stops working. Also, it is better to adjust the angle of the door mirror to the appropriate position when sitting in the driver’s seat.
This time, I was planning to go out for a while, so I decided to repair it. Door mirrors are one of the legally important safety parts. For safe driving, it is recommended that you regularly check whether there are any problems.

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